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What are the risks and symptoms of an animal bite infection?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

Even the most docile pets may bite their owners or strangers at some point. When a dog bites, there is a 10 to 15 percent chance of infection, whereas with cats, 50 percent of all bites lead to an infection. Infections can be dangerous and often occur with bites to the hands, according to Healthline. 

While animals that do not bite and break the skin are not a risk for infection, any bite that breaks skin is at risk. 

What creates a risk of infection? 

Animal bites that go untreated may result in an infection. Then, even with the best care, cat bites tend to be more prone to infection than dog bites. The reason cat bites can be so dangerous is due to the sharpness of their teeth. When cats bite, their teeth puncture deep into the skin and may provide you with some difficulty to clean. These small wounds may heal over quickly and seal the bacteria inside. 

An animal’s mouth has many bacteria, bacteria that enter the wound during a bite. In addition, bacteria may be present in the environment or on your skin. Often, with animal bites, the infection involves multiple bacteria. 

What are the symptoms of an infection? 

Could you have an infection? The most common signs that you have an infection is swelling, pain, redness and inflammation around the wound. The wound may feel warm to the touch and you may feel tenderness around the site. Fevers, night sweats and muscle weakness are other serious signs of infection. If you have any symptoms of an infection, it is crucial to receive medical treatment.