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Hit-and-run crash in Englewood kills 1, injures 2

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Drivers in Colorado and elsewhere who drive recklessly put themselves, their passengers and anyone else on or near the road in danger. Speeding in one of the most common forms of reckless driving, and the accidents it causes can be devastating. Case in point, a recent hit-and-run accident allegedly caused by a speeding driver claimed one life and seriously injured two others.

Details regarding the accident

At some point on Saturday, June 4, a speeding vehicle caused a horrible accident that affected many lives in Englewood. According to reports, a car, not further described, was traveling south along South Broadway at a high rate of speed. It struck a pedestrian before colliding with a brick building. The vehicle then rolled over, re-entered the roadway and ended up on its roof.

The pedestrian, described as a 53-year-old man, was killed on impact. Authorities do not know if he was crossing the street or on the sidewalk. Two passengers in the car had to be extricated, and they were taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The driver fled the scene but later turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Legal recourse for victims

Losing a loved one is a terrible tragedy, made all the more tragic by the fact that the accident was entirely preventable. As is their right, the surviving family of the deceased victim and the two injured passengers can pursue wrongful death and personal injury claims, respectively, against the alleged at-fault driver. Evidence concerning the criminal charges against him can be offered in civil court to help establish negligence, and affected parties will want to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Colorado for assistance in obtaining much-needed compensation.