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Common personal injury catalyst: third-party negligence

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Personal Injury

Legions of Denver residents and individuals across Colorado lead lives that are both active and fast-paced. The state is nationally recognized as a venue for outdoor activities and an energized population that collectively embraces varied pursuits and opportunities.

That upside energy is of course buoyant and positive, but it is also tempered by downside risks, perhaps most notably in the personal injury realm.

The quick pace and complexity of modern life unquestionably spawns safety challenges across a wide dimension. Busy lives daily intersect with challenges that pose potential and actual dangers. Products that consumers interact with can prove defective and injurious. Property owners and managers don’t always ensure that their businesses and homes are reasonably safe. Medical error can yield catastrophic consequences. And, of course, adverse traffic outcomes daily result in serious injuries and deaths.

The broad universe of personal injury, while vastly varied, is marked by one constant that routinely features in negative safety outcomes.

Namely, that is third-party negligence. The bottom line with many personal injury incidents is that they simply wouldn’t have occurred absent the careless behavior of a contributing party.

That is tragic, of course, and a sad point that we underscore on our website at the established pro-victims’ personal injury law firm of Beem & Isley in Denver. Our deep legal team brings nearly a century of impassioned and proven advocacy to bear on behalf of Colorado injury victims, and we know from experience that lives are often turned upside down “because someone else acted carelessly.”

The law provides a remedy to address that. Injury victims and their families are often greatly empowered by seeking maximum compensation against negligent parties that secures accountability and can deter similar carelessness in the future. A personal injury legal recovery can defray medical costs, recoup lost wages and promote additionally important goals for victims and their loved ones.

Personal injury questions and concerns can be directed to an empathetic and aggressive legal team with a history of proven results secured for valued and diverse clients.