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Do you have to accept a low offer from an insurance company?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Personal Injury

Life-changing events can come in many forms. Unfortunately for you, your life-changing event was a serious car accident. Your vehicle may have sustained extensive damage, or you may have totaled it. More serious, however, was the fact that you suffered severe injuries yourself.

You undoubtedly sought medical treatment after the accident, and due to the nature of the harm you suffered, you may need continual treatment for some time. This can be frightening in regard to your physical health, but it can also leave you worrying about your finances.

Dealing with insurance

If another driver caused the accident that led to your serious injuries, his or her insurance company may have the obligation of footing the bill for the incident. However, insurance companies do not want to provide more payouts than they must, so you might have already received some pushback from the other insurer. The company may have even offered you an initial settlement that you know is way under what you deserve. It may not even cover a small portion of your medical bills.

This is understandably frustrating. However, before you accept any offer from the insurer, you may want to remember that you have legal options. Many insurance companies bank on the fact that individuals will think that the offer they receive is all that they can get. On the contrary, you could choose to move forward with a legal claim in efforts to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Personal injury claims

With a personal injury claim, you could take the driver considered at fault and his or her insurer to court as you pursue monetary recompense for the damages you suffered. When considering this option, the following details may be useful to keep in mind:

  • Going to trial may be necessary to get the full compensation you deserve.
  • Handling this type of legal process alone may not work to your benefit.
  • Trying to get information from the insurer may not be an easy task.
  • Providing as much evidence as possible, including medical bills, exam results, information on medical procedures and more could help bolster your case for higher compensation.

Not understanding your legal options could be detrimental to your case when trying to get proper monetary restitution. As a result, gaining information from reliable legal resources in Colorado may benefit you and your potential case.