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Reviewing an estate plan after a major life change

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Estate Planning And Probate

It might not always be possible to predict the types of changes life can bring or to know how changes might affect your wishes and preferences. Part of preparing to preserve your future interests when changes in life occur may involve knowing the steps to take to address the situation and the benefits of reviewing long-term goals. 

The estate planning process may offer numerous tools to help address and adapt to various types of changes in life. Knowing when it might be time to review your estate plan could prove essential to helping you prepare to update information to ensure your plan reflects your new preferences for your future in Colorado. 

Major changes in life 

While reviewing estate planning goals every few years may be integral to keeping your plan in line with your wishes, it may also be helpful to take similar measures after experiencing certain changes in life, such as: 

  • Change in marital status:  Entering a marriage and going through a divorce are two common examples of changes in life that may alter your wishes. Updating information to reflect such changes might be integral to safeguarding your interests. 
  • Becoming a parent:  Your goals for the future may also change after welcoming a child or grandchild into the family. Updating your estate plan may be essential to ensuring it reflects your new wishes. 
  • Change in financial status:  It may also be helpful to consider revisiting your estate plan after experiencing a significant change in financial status. Receiving an inheritance is just one example of such a change. 
  • Medical concerns:  You may also benefit from exploring your available options if a member of your family becomes ill. Estate planning may offer a variety of tools to help you address similar topics. 

While it might be a difficult topic to address, it may also be helpful to revisit your estate plan and update information after experiencing the death of a loved one. 

Updating your estate plan 

This may only cover a few examples of scenarios in which it might be helpful to review and update your estate planning goals. While knowing how best to approach this process can be a stressful task, this isn’t something you have to handle on your own. Seeking advice on how to tell when it might be necessary to revisit your estate plan and how to make informed choices when updating information may prove vital to helping you take steps to ensure your plan reflects your current wishes and goals.