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What photos should you take at the scene of a vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the aftermath of a vehicle crash, documenting the scene through photographs becomes a huge priority. These images not only serve as an aid for insurance claims but also assist law enforcement in their investigations.

When it comes to capturing the right shots, certain key moments and areas are important.

Vehicle positions

Focus on each vehicle’s position relative to others involved. Document the impact points and the direction each vehicle was traveling. These images help recreate the sequence of events, aiding investigators in determining fault and responsibility.


Zoom in on the specific damages sustained by each vehicle. Ensure to capture close-up shots of dents, scratches and any other visible harm. These images will serve as evidence when assessing the extent of the damage and estimating repair costs.

License plates and VINs

Photograph the license plates of all vehicles involved, as well as their vehicle identification numbers, otherwise known as VINs. These details are important for identifying the vehicles and ensuring accurate information for insurance claims.

Skid marks and debris

Record any skid marks on the road and scattered debris. Skid marks can help reconstruct the speed and direction of vehicles at the time of the crash, while debris may provide insights into the force of impact.

Traffic signals and signs

Document the status of traffic signals and the visibility of relevant road signs. This information can help individuals understand whether any traffic violations or signal failures contributed to the accident.

Injuries and emergency personnel

If possible, capture images of injuries with the individuals involved. Additionally, document the presence of emergency personnel, such as paramedics or firefighters, to provide context to the severity of the incident.

With 39,508 deadly car crashes in 2021 in America alone, vehicle safety is a topic on many people’s minds. An individual can reduce the amount of stress they feel about a crash by taking photos afterward.