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4 most dangerous roads in Denver

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Denver boasts stunning mountain views and a vibrant urban atmosphere.

However, amid its scenic beauty lies a network of roads that can pose significant risks to drivers.

1. Colfax Avenue: A double-edged sword

Colfax Avenue, spanning 26 miles across the city, is a bustling thoroughfare with a dark side. Known for its vibrant nightlife and historic landmarks, it also harbors hazards. The road’s high traffic volume and numerous intersections contribute to a heightened risk of accidents. Its diverse mix of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists demands constant attention from drivers navigating this urban maze.

2. Interstate 25: A fast lane to caution

Interstate 25, a major north-south artery, facilitates swift travel but comes with its own set of dangers. The relentless flow of traffic, especially during rush hours, increases the likelihood of collisions. Frequent lane changes and merging add an extra layer of complexity, making defensive driving important.

3. Speer Boulevard: The scenic route with risks

Speer Boulevard, winding its way through the heart of Denver, offers scenic views of the city skyline and Cherry Creek. However, its narrow lanes and frequent turns make it a challenging route. The boulevard’s popularity among commuters and tourists alike amplifies the risk of accidents.

4. Federal Boulevard: A potent mix of traffic

Federal Boulevard, a busy north-south thoroughfare, has a reputation as one of Denver’s riskiest roads. High traffic density, combined with diverse commercial and residential zones, creates a potent mix of congestion and confusion. Negotiating the constant ebb and flow of vehicles demands skill and focus.

While car crash fatalities across the state decreased by 4.2% in 2023 compared to 2022, the high population and number of vehicles on the road in the Mile-High City increases the chances of a potentially life-altering incident.