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Safe driving tips as winter weather fades away

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most exciting times of year for many here in Colorado is the transition away from the cold days of winter into the warmer and brighter days, weeks and months ahead. With a lot of individuals eager to get out and increase their activity level during this time, you will most likely notice a much larger presence of motor vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrian traffic on or in close proximity to the roadways. Because of this, remaining as vigilant as possible can increase the odds of a safe environment for everyone taking advantage of the spring weather.  

There are some specific measures you can take both before and while you are traveling to decrease the odds of being involved in an accident. Stashing a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle so you are prepared for the bright sunlight, replacing any worn-out wiper blades and checking to ensure your tire pressure levels are within normal range can all allow for a much smoother drive. Other safe driving tips you can implement during these times include the following: 

  • Proceed with caution near construction zones: There is typically an increase in construction projects post-winter, so be on the lookout for workers and their vehicles whenever you approach any of these areas.  
  • Decrease your speed on wet pavement: Rainy weather, especially storms, can create dangerous driving conditions in the blink of an eye. Slowing down during these times will allow you more time to come to a stop or maneuver out of harm’s way if needed. 
  • Stay vigilant for more than just motor vehicles on the roadways: People walking and jogging for exercise, along with many on bicycles and motorcycles for both recreation and transportation, can present a bit of a chaotic environment at times.  
  • Watch out for wildlife: Humans aren’t the only ones increasing their activity levels during the nicer days. The odds of a driver coming into close proximity — if not a direct path — of many different animals rises during these times.  

Even if you are the safest of drivers and implement all the measures above, there is still always the chance you could be involved in an accident due to another party’s negligence. This can create a challenging situation where you are suddenly facing mounting medical bills in conjunction with being unable to work due to your injuries. Fortunately, accident victims have the right to pursue monetary damages by means of a personal injury claim in a Colorado civil court that can help cover many of their unfortunate expenses.