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4 things to remember about the IRS

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Tax Law

If you are going through a personal tax audit, then you may be concerned about what the IRS will find. The Interval Revenue Service is not trying to dig deep to prove that you’ve done anything wrong. Audits are a normal part of life. In fact, most audits go well with no further implications.

Sometimes, the IRS does find that there were mistakes on your return or will ask for documents that you no longer have for tax years long in the past. That’s why you need to know how to handle the IRS.

If you find that you owe the IRS money, then there are some things to remember.

1. Never ignore the IRS

Never ignore the IRS. Of all things that are sure, you can be certain that the IRS will not forget about your debt and will do everything it can to make you pay. IRS notices may be sent by certified mail, so if you get a notice to pick up your mail, you should do so.

2. Get help from a tax expert immediately

Before you speak with the IRS about what you owe, make sure you talk with a tax expert. They’ll help you prepare documents for your interview and talk to you about how you should present yourself. You have rights during interviews, and you should be given a chance to be represented and should be treated professionally. The IRS officer’s job is to get money from you, so you need to know as much about your taxes and rights as possible to prevent getting taken advantage of.

3. Don’t go alone when facing the IRS

You should choose to be represented when you’re meeting with the IRS. In most cases, representation will help you get better results than if you’d gone to speak with the IRS on your own. Keep in mind that the IRS can and does make mistakes, so you should watch out for those errors and know that they’re not infallible.

4. Know that you may not have to pay it all back

In the end, you might not have to pay all you owe the IRS. Your attorney will work with you to set up a payment plan, discuss bankruptcy and other possibilities that could help you get out of debt with the IRS.

If you’re going to be audited, don’t be worried. Make sure you reach out to your Denver attorney, and they will help guide you through what you need to know.