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Colorado crash injures 3, involves 4 vehicles

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Personal Injury

Vehicle collisions can easily happen under unclear circumstances. All those involved may immediately know is that someone hit their vehicle and that they suffered injuries. In some cases, an initial collision can have a chain reaction that results in multiple vehicles being involved in the same crash, which increases the chance of serious injuries.

It was recently reported that a chain-reaction accident in Colorado resulted in a pickup truck, a police cruiser and two motorcycles being involved. Apparently, the pickup truck driver was attempting to make a left turn when he collided with the rear of the police cruiser, which was stopped at a traffic light. That initial collision caused the police vehicle to move into the opposite lane of travel, and that vehicle hit the side of one motorcycle before colliding head-on with the second motorcycle.

The driver of the second motorcycle was ejected during the crash, and he suffered serious injuries as a result. The drivers of the police vehicle and the pickup truck were both reported as having suffered moderate injuries. The remaining motorcyclist escaped the crash uninjured. The incident was still under investigation, and more information on contributing factors may be released later.

A multi-vehicle crash is a complicated incident. Not only are multiple vehicles damaged, but as this case shows, multiple people can suffer injuries due to the actions of another person. The parties injured in this Colorado incident may have reason to pursue legal action against the driver considered at fault in order to seek monetary recompense for medical bills, lost wages and other damages permitted under state law.