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Never ignore an audit notice from the IRS

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Tax Law

Getting any type of unexpected correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service can make any Colorado resident feel nervous. If a person opens a letter and finds an audit notice, a pit may quickly form in his or her stomach. However, this process does not have to seem as scary as many people think, and taxpayers do not have to go through it alone.

One of the first things to do after receiving this type of notice is to read it carefully. In some cases, the IRS may simply need additional information or support documents that the taxpayer can mail in. This information could clear up any confusion the IRS may have about a part of the tax return, and the matter could be settled fairly quickly. If more information is needed, only send what is requested.

The biggest mistake to avoid is ignoring the notice. In some cases, taxpayers may not address the notice because they do not know how or feel too nervous about responding. Unfortunately, if the notice goes unaddressed, the matter will only become worse. Instead of giving the taxpayer another chance to clear up the issue, the IRS may simply start trying to collect on the debt the agency thinks is owed.

Reaching out for help during confusing situations is almost always wise. If Colorado taxpayers have received notice of an audit and do not know what it means or how to respond, they can obtain help with their ordeal from legal professionals. Tax attorneys could go over the notice, explain what it means, explain what the taxpayers need to do and help them complete the needed tasks.