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4-vehicle crash claims 5 family members

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Driving on interstate highways in Colorado or elsewhere comes with its share of risks. With so much traffic moving at relatively high speeds near each other, the potential for serious accidents is great. Unfortunately, a four-vehicle crash claimed five members of a family recently, and their surviving loved ones are reeling from the tragedy. They may be able to pursue wrongful death claims to help them through this difficult time. 

Accident details 

On Wednesday, June 15, around 1:30 p.m., a horrific accident occurred on I-25 in Weld County. The crash happened in the northbound lanes of the highway close to Colorado 66. The report did not identify any of the vehicles involved in the crash, nor did it note who may have caused the accident. 

Nevertheless, the crash claimed the lives of five family members from Wyoming who were on their way home. The report listed the victims as a husband and wife, 51 and 47, a man and a woman, both 20 years old, and a 3-month-old toddler. The crash is still under investigation. 

Right to compensation 

The report states that some of the victims’ surviving family members have set up an online charity to help with funeral expenses and other costs. As is their right, they may also pursue wrongful death claims against the driver or drivers deemed to have caused the crash. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney in Colorado, surviving family members can gain a full understanding of their rights and options about possible compensation for documented financial losses.