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Choosing someone to act as guardian for one’s kids

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2023 | Estate Planning And Probate

Many parents may face an understandable desire to take steps to protect the well-being of their kids through whatever the future may bring. Estate planning options such as choosing a guardian for minor children could help parents in Colorado prepare a strategy for a multitude of possible scenarios. While selecting a guardian could help provide much-needed peace of mind, parents may have questions about how best to choose someone to fulfill this role. 

Factors to consider 

Parents who wish to choose someone to act as guardian for their children may find it helpful to address numerous factors in the process. For instance, one factor could include addressing whether potential candidates can fill this role, and topics such as age and health may be examples of things to consider when choosing a guardian. It may also be helpful to address factors such as where these parties live and how relocation to a new area might impact a child’s life. 

Additional factors to address may include determining whether potential candidates have suitable living arrangements and whether their lifestyles align with the needs of the kids. It may also be helpful to seek a guardian whose values and views on important topics align with one’s own. One could also benefit from knowing that a guardian does not necessarily have to be a relative and it may also be possible to choose someone to act as guardian while choosing another party to manage financial factors such as inheritances. 

Seeking advice in the process 

While choosing a guardian can be beneficial in various ways, addressing similar estate planning options can still be stressful and intimidating. Fortunately, one does not have to face this alone, as there are attorneys who can evaluate a person’s wishes and provide insight into preparing to make informed choices about his or her options. An attorney can help a client prepare to navigate the guardianship process and provide future assistance in updating estate planning information should his or her preferences change with time.