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Car Accidents Often Cause Serious Injuries


A car crash can cause devastating effects for Colorado drivers, passengers, pedestrians and their families. The resulting injuries are sometimes life-changing, taking away the injured person’s original plans and rerouting their future.

At Beem & Isley, P.C., we know how injuries can impact individuals and their families significantly, which is why it is so important to get clear advice. As your personal injury advocates, we will fight for the recovery that considers your unique injuries and the obstacles they cause.

Brain Injuries

An injury involving the head or brain can impact mobility, personality, cognitive functions and more. Often, brain injuries lead to permanent changes in the accident survivor. They may lose career opportunities and require equipment or therapy to cope with these changes. Brain injuries can be mentally, physically and emotionally traumatic.

Back And Spinal Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord at critical points can cause issues throughout the rest of the body. When an accident severs the spine, it may cause partial or total paralysis. An individual with one of these major conditions may need both personal injury compensation and disability benefits.

Hip Injuries

Damage to the hip bone, nerves, muscles and joints can create serious hardships. Because the hip plays an important role in walking, bending and standing, hip injuries often create difficulties for movement and work. The recovery period may be uncertain, and physical rehabilitation might be necessary for a long time. All of these issues could converge to significant financial losses.

Broken Bones

Many people do not consider broken bones to be a serious injury. However, the force of an auto accident may cause severe breaks – some of which could involve critical bones such as the head, ribcage or spine. Surgery and time away from work may be necessary to repair serious breaks.

Aggravation Of Existing Conditions

If you had an existing condition and the accident made your condition worse, you may pursue damages for the difference. However, insurance companies may be quick to deny these claims. It is important to get professional counsel if a car accident worsened a condition such as arthritis or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fatal Injuries

Families suffer a range of losses if their loved one died immediately upon impact or in the hospital as a result of crash injuries. They may face financial, emotional and personal damages that warrant compensation. Although compensation cannot replace a loved one, it can provide financial support during a difficult time.

Learn About Your Recovery Options

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