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Preventing summer car accidents in Colorado

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As summer quickly approaches, there’s lots to look forward to — warm weather, time off, summer road trips and so on. Even though snow is out of the picture, summer driving can also be dangerous.

Whether you are taking your daily commute or planning a longer summer drive, you should be mindful of the new obstacles warmer weather presents or the excess traffic.

Take precaution

If you plan to driver anywhere this summer, here are some ways to stay safe on the road:

  • Construction zones: Not only do the warmer months bring more people outdoors, but they also allow proper working conditions for construction projects. Each year, hundreds of work zone accidents take place. To prevent a work zone car wreck on the roads you frequent, you can sign up for construction text alerts through the Colorado Department of Transportation website. To preserve both your life and those you share the road with, you should also pay attention to the temporary road signs that warn of construction zones and reduced speed limits.
  • Heat-related breakdowns: Tuning up your car to take on higher temps is also important to stay safe on the road. This includes keeping tabs on all fluid levels in your car to avoid problems like overheating and constantly checking your tire pressure as it can shift with the weather. However, you can be as careful as possible and still experience a tire blowout or sudden battery issue. In case of an emergency in any season, it’s useful to keep tools like a tire pressure gauge, jumper cables and flares or reflective signs in your car.
  • Heavier traffic: Since school is out during the summer and lots of people take time off, there will naturally be more drivers on the road. More bicyclists and motorcyclists will also be out and about. To combat heavier vehicle and pedestrian traffic, it’s important to be patient during rush hours. It’s also crucial to pay attention to designated bike lanes or crosswalks that you may not even have noticed in the winter due to snow.

If you’ve taken every safeguard to prevent a collision and have still fallen victim to a crash, then receiving legal guidance can help you on your road to recovery.