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Pedestrian accidents and financial hardships

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

From losing the ability to work to struggling with costly medical expenses, there are often multiple sources of financial strain for those injured in a pedestrian accident. Many people focus on the physical and emotional hardships pedestrian accident victims face, which is understandable since they are often very tough. However, the financial toll of an accident requires careful consideration.

There are many ways in which victims’ finances are upended as a result of these accidents and in this post, we will touch on a few of the common hardships injured pedestrians face.

Losing the ability to work after a pedestrian accident

For many pedestrian accident victims, work becomes impossible due to injuries. Some are sidelined for a few weeks or a couple of months, while others cannot return to a particular line of work for the rest of their lives. Obviously, this changes one’s financial circumstances and often brings many hardships, from stress to unpaid bills. Some victims rack up credit card debt after losing their job, while others take out a loan or burn through their savings.

Medical costs and other financial issues

Many injured pedestrians also struggle with medical expenses, especially if they are not covered by insurance. With the cost of care and certain injuries requiring extensive treatment (including long-term rehabilitation), it is very common for injured pedestrians to face financial hardships as a result of medical care. For all of these reasons, pedestrian accident victims need to explore their legal options if a reckless driver caused the accident. Read through our website to find more on this topic.