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What role does speeding play in motor vehicle accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Like most motorists, you probably do your best to follow the speed limit and adjust your speed for conditions. Yet, whether driving in Denver or around Colorado, you might have noticed that some drivers lack this regard for others. No matter their reason for speeding, their actions put peoples’ lives and safety at risk. By understanding speeding’s impact and by knowing how to deal with speeders, you can protect yourself when encountering them on the road.

The impact of speeding

Over the past ten years, the percentage of fatal motor vehicle accidents attributed to speeding – in part or in full – has decreased. Yet, in 2018, speeding remained a factor in 26% of traffic fatalities in the United States. Some of these stemmed from motorists traveling too fast for conditions. Impaired drivers caused many other speeding fatalities.

Motorists who speed are at an increased risk for causing – and sustaining injuries in – an accident because:

  • They have less time to react to road conditions, traffic and hazards
  • They have less control over their vehicle
  • They need more time to stop their vehicle
  • They receive less protection from their vehicle’s safety equipment

Dealing with speeding drivers

Many speeders fail to acknowledge – or willfully disregard – the impact their actions could have on other motorists. Yet, you must know how to respond when you encounter one. If you are traveling in the left-hand lane and a speeder comes up behind you, you will want to move over and let them by. Before moving back over, you will want to give them room to move ahead of you, in case they lose control.

Speeders can be more difficult to deal with if they are tailgating or weaving through traffic. These behaviors are especially dangerous when road conditions are bad. If you cannot get out of their path right away, you must do so as soon as you safely can. You may also want to report the speeder to the police if their recklessness is endangering others.

If a speeding driver collides with you, know that you have ways to protect yourself in your accident’s aftermath. By seeking legal help, you can fight for compensation that is appropriate for your injuries.