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Car accident causes serious injuries, 2 hospitalized

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some people may mistakenly believe that long stretches of road seemingly in the middle of nowhere are safer than interstate highways or other areas with heavy traffic. However, that is not necessarily true. A car accident can happen on any type of roadway, whether traffic is heavy or not, and the causes of the incident are not always immediately clear. Still, even rural crashes can lead to serious injuries. 

It was recently reported that a collision in Colorado resulted in two individuals being transported to an area hospital. The following details regarding the incident were provided in the report: 

  • There were five vehicles involved in the accident. 
  • It took place in a rural area. 
  • One of the vehicles was off the roadway and appeared to have come to a stop on its top after overturning. 
  • Two other vehicles appeared to have collided head-on. 

It was unclear exactly how many individuals were involved, but at least two were transported from the scene via helicopter. The report did indicate that those individuals had to be extricated from their vehicles after the collision. Authorities believed that they would be issuing a citation to one of the drivers for failing to maintain the correct lane, but no additional information on how the accident occurred was provided. 

The individuals seriously injured in this Colorado car accident may find themselves facing challenges they never expected. Because medical bills, time away from work during recovery, pain and suffering, and much more could affect their lives for some time, they may feel the need to pursue compensation for these damages. Depending on the exact circumstances, they may have reason to file personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault in their pursuit of restitution.