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Obvious signs a driver may be distracted

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado drivers hope that they will hit the road and get where they need to go as safely as possible. Of course, you and many other drivers know that dangers lurk around every curve and on every straightaway. Even if you do your best to remain alert, adhere to driving laws and generally drive safely, other people on the roads may give in to negligent or reckless driving practices. \

As you likely know, distracted driving is one of the biggest issues on the roadways today. A distracted driver could pose just as much danger as a drunk driver, and far too many people still feel as if there is nothing wrong with quickly checking a text message or reaching for something in the backseat while driving. 

Are you on the road with a distracted driver? 

Unfortunately, you have likely and will likely share the road with multiple distracted drivers at any given time. Sometimes, their distraction may be more obvious than others. If you notice any of the following issues with other drivers, they are likely distracted: 

  • Gesturing with their hands off the wheel could indicate that drivers are conversing with someone else in the vehicle or on the phone, which makes them both manually and cognitively distracted. 
  • Chewing could indicate that the driver is eating. While this activity may seem common, it still distracts drivers from remaining fully focused on the task of driving. 
  • Looking at their lap or even at a phone mounted on the dash likely means that the driver is distracted by his or her cellphone.  
  • Seeing a glowing light from inside a vehicle at night could also point to a driver using his or her cellphone or another distracting electronic device. 
  • Bending over or reaching to another part of a vehicle could indicate that a driver is trying to grab something, adjusting the seat, changing the radio or carrying out various other distracting activities. 

A distracted driver is a dangerous driver no matter what the distraction may be. If you notice a driver doing anything behind the wheel other than steering, you may want to take measures to distance yourself from that vehicle in hopes of remaining safe. Of course, not all distracted drivers are easily spotted, and if a driver does cause an accident that leaves you injured, you may have reason to take legal action to seek compensation.