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What to do after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Numerous Colorado residents are involved in automobile collisions every year. Many walk away relatively unscathed, and some suffer moderate to severe injuries — or worse. In the moments following a car accident, those who do survive are running on adrenaline. They may not be thinking straight, and their emotions may get the better of them, making it difficult for them to remember all of the steps they should take after the fact. What should you do after a car accident?

If you are in a position to, there are several things you should do after an automobile crash. If you cannot due to your emotional or physical state, dont worry, police or witnesses may be able to help.

At the scene

The first thing to do after a car crash is to remain at the scene. If you can, check on everyone involved, call the police, exchange information, take pictures and gather information from witnesses. If you cant, it is okay. Stay where you are, call for help if you can and wait. You can find a lot of the information you need on the police report after the fact.

After leaving the scene

After you leave the scene, seek medical help if needed. Some injuries are not always immediately apparent. So, at the first sign of injury, go to the doctor. Make sure to keep track of any treatment and incurred expenses. Sooner rather than later, call insurance — yours or the responsible parties — to report the accident and get that process going so you can receive compensation for your losses as soon as possible.

Words of warning

Be careful whom you talk to and what you say about the accident. Anything you say can be of use against you and can affect your settlement. Do not accept a settlement from insurance if you believe it fails to properly compensate you for all you’ve suffered. Legal counsel can help you determine a fair settlement amount.

Seeking help

Achieving maximum relief following a car accident can prove difficult. Most insurance providers will try to lowball settlement offers. Dont become a victim again by accepting it.

With the right help in your corner, you can fight for fair compensation. How? Through negotiations or litigation — whichever will best suit your particular circumstances. Most personal injury cases reach settlements out of court.