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Did a distracted driver ruin your holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been bustling and hustling to get everything ready for the holidays? Many people in Colorado and beyond can no doubt relate to your busy schedule. Holidays can be fun and exciting yet stressful as well, especially if you are doing last minute shopping or learn that you’re having unexpected guests overnight. Even if you don’t mind, issues like that can cause a bit of anxiety.

Chances are that many people around you are thinking about their holiday plans. This can be problematic if they’re thinking about such things when they should be focused on some other task, like doing their job or driving. A distracted driver can place you at risk for injury at any time of year. However, chances that you’ll share the road with one increase during the holidays.

Would you know a distracted driver if you were to see one?

You have no way of knowing what another person is thinking. You also have no control over the behavior of others, particularly drivers with whom you are sharing the road. Distracted drivers tend to exhibit behavior that suggests that their mind is not focused on driving. If you notice any of the issues included in the following list, beware:

  • Random or sudden application of brakes
  • Failing to maintain speed that aligns with the current traffic pattern
  • The driver looking down at his or her lap or elsewhere in the vehicle
  • The driver eating or drinking at the wheel
  • The vehicle veering over yellow line

Someone looking down instead of at the road ahead while driving might be texting or using a hand-held electronic device. If you notice a particular driver who appears to be having difficulty maintain road position, it’s a probable sign that the driver is either intoxicated or distracted.

If a distracted driver hits you

Even if you see potential danger in your vicinity while driving, you might not be able to avoid trouble if a distracted driver suddenly cuts you off or runs into the back of your car after failing to stop at a red light. A sudden collision can result in serious injuries. Suffering injury in a car accident just before the holidays may not only cause physical pain and discomfort but would be emotionally upsetting as well, especially if you know that driver negligence was the cause of the collision.

Instead of spending money on gifts or a holiday feast, you might wind up being hit with medical bills and car repairs or losing income because of having to take time off work during recovery. In the past, many accident victims have been able to alleviate financial distress by seeking compensation for damages against the person deemed responsible for their injuries.