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Accident in Aurora claims 1 life

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, despite being careful drivers and following the rules of the road, motorists can be involved in an accident even if they are stopped at a red light. This is exactly what happened in Aurora recently. As a result, two people suffered unnecessary injuries in the crash, and the accident claimed the life of the driver deemed responsible for the wreck.

Accident details

According to reports, a Subaru was stopped at a red light at the intersection of E. 2nd Avenue and Potomac Street. Without warning, another vehicle, a Nissan, slammed into the back of them. Reportedly, the driver of the Nissan was speeding and apparently made no attempt to stop before crashing into the back of the Subaru.

Now, the alleged at-fault driver is dead, and the two occupants of the Subaru are recovering from minor injuries. Authorities suspect both speed and alcohol to be contributing factors in the crash, but they have not released the identity of the alleged at-fault driver. The two injured in the Subaru were transported to a local hospital, and no word has been given as to their current status.

Pursuing compensation

Since authorities believe speed and alcohol were contributing factors that led to the crash, those injured may elect to pursue a personal injury claim against the deceased driver’s estate and anyone with ownership interest in the vehicle he was driving. The plaintiffs can use information regarding the at-fault driver’s intoxication and recklessness as evidence in their case against the driver’s estate. They will also do well to work directly with an experienced personal injury attorney to increase their chances for a successful outcome.