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The possible emotional repercussions of a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is no secret that a major collision can occur at virtually any moment, and the fallout of a crash could pose a significant threat to your safety. Broken bones, head injuries and whiplash may just be a few examples of ways a collision on Colorado roads could impact your well-being and disrupt your life. 

However, the potential to suffer physical injuries might not be your only concern, as there may be other risks that could also take a toll on your quality of life. Such a harrowing experience might also run the risk of leading to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Such emotional trials can come in various forms. 

Possible symptoms of PTSD 

Being involved in a car accident can be an exceedingly stressful experience. Studies indicate that accident victims could encounter various symptoms of PTSD following a major accident, such as: 

  • Mood swings: Emotional trauma stemming from a collision could affect your cognitive behavior and make you more susceptible to mood swings and irritability. 
  • Travel anxiety: Similar health concerns may also run the risk of leaving you afraid to get behind the wheel of a vehicle or even cause you to fear riding in a car as a passenger. 
  • Sleep issues: PTSD injuries from a collision may also disrupt your sleep patterns or cause you to have frequent nightmares, and such issues could persist for extended periods. 
  • Accident flashbacks: Accident victims may also be susceptible to experiencing flashbacks of a crash. Reliving that moment over and over can be exceedingly harrowing. 
  • Health concerns: Those who suffer emotional harm in a crash may also be at risk of developing additional mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. 

In some cases, the memory of an accident could linger in your mind throughout your life, even if the incident stemmed from another driver’s negligent actions. Carrying that memory can be a daunting process. 

After a crash 

Dealing with emotional trauma stemming from a collision can be difficult enough on its own. However, the financial ramifications that may accompany medical expenses and a lengthy recovery period could also disrupt your life in various ways. While there may be nothing you can do to change what took place, taking steps to better understand your available legal avenues could help you better prepare to pursue much-needed and deserved financial restitution and help shift your focus toward your recovery.