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Evaluating the hazards of driving while drowsy or fatigued

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As you travel to and from your daily destinations, you may share Colorado roads with countless others. It might not always be easy to tell how the decisions nearby drivers make might affect your safety, and should you cross paths with a negligent driver, you may have little to no time to react and avoid danger. 

While behaviors such as impaired and distracted driving could pose a significant threat to your safety, there are other hazards that may present with similar risks. Driver fatigue can also take a dire toll on your ability to safely operate a vehicle, and those who succumb to fatigue could place your well-being in jeopardy in the process. 

The effects of fatigue 

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which drivers may struggle with drowsiness and fatigue. Some examples of the ways such issues could affect your capabilities as a driver may include: 

  • Lack of attention: Those who struggle with drowsiness or fatigue may find it difficult to focus on the task at hand, and the lack of attention could also impact their ability to make vital judgment calls. 
  • Lane control: The presence of fatigue could affect your ability to maintain proper lane control. Drivers who encounter bouts with such issues may constantly drift in and out of lanes. 
  • Changes in speed: Similar issues may also impact your ability to maintain a constant speed. If a nearby driver exhibits constant changes in speed, it might be in your best interests to move to a safe distance. 
  • Tailgating: Tailgating is a type of aggressive behavior that plays a role in many collisions. Fatigued drivers may also struggle to maintain proper spacing while operating a motor vehicle. 

Even if a nearby driver succumbs to fatigue for only a moment, the fallout of that instant could create a dangerous situation that may place your well-being at risk and forever alter your life. 

The fallout 

The idea of being in a serious collision can be harrowing enough on its own, and it might not always be possible to predict when disaster may strike. Even if you take every possible measure to promote safety while driving, it might not always be feasible to expect others to do the same. Should you cross paths with a negligent driver, there may be little you can do to avoid an accident, and the fallout thereof could take a catastrophic toll on various aspects of your life.