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Detecting the possible signs of an inattentive driver

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is a type of reckless behavior that continues to be a contributing factor in many motor vehicle accidents. While you might be aware of the risks involved with falling prey to distraction and feel it vital to maintain constant focus while behind the wheel, do other drivers nearby always take such measures?

Since you might encounter such negligence at any moment while out on Colorado roads, you might have questions about what you can do to avoid a hazardous situation. Knowing how to detect the signs of an inattentive driver could prove integral to preparing to respond to such a situation and reach safety.

Possible signs

Even a moment of inattention can affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Some examples of signsthat might indicate a nearby driver has lost focus could include:

  • Improper lane control: Since studies indicate that distracted drivers may struggle to maintain proper lane control, watching out for unexpected or frequent lane changes could be integral.
  • Intermittent shifts in speed: Frequent changes in speed can also be a red flag, as those who succumb to distraction while driving might not be capable of maintaining a constant speed.
  • Lingering at stops: Studies also suggest that drivers who are attempting to multitask may also be more prone to lingering at stop signs and traffic lights even after it is their turn to cross through an intersection.
  • Constant braking: If you see a nearby driver who constantly applies pressure to the brakes of a vehicle, this could also be a sign that this person’s focus might not lie fully on the task at hand.

While watching out for similar signs could be vital to preparing to respond to such behavior, sometimes there might be little you can do to steer out of harm’s way upon encountering a distracted driver.

Distracted driving collision

Collisions involving distracted drivers continue to occur at an alarming rate, and if you cross paths with such negligence, you could suffer severe or even permanent harm in the process. Your injuries may also prompt a need for swift medical care and leave you facing a lengthy recovery process. The financial hardships that can arise after the crash could also place significant strain on your life, and the fallout of your situation could leave you with questions about how best to prepare to protect your future interests.