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What are some of the most dangerous types of driving behaviors?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The idea of being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a harrowing thought, and you may feel it vital to take measures to keep similar issues at bay. While a portion of your safety may rest in the hands of other drivers nearby, there may still be certain steps you can take to help cultivate a safer driving environment. 

The path to promoting safety may lie with addressing the hazards you might face on Colorado roads and using this information to form healthier driving habits. Studies indicate that there are several types of driving behaviors that can prove dangerous by nature, and avoiding such behaviors could be integral to safeguarding your well-being. 

Dangerous habits 

There are numerous types of dangerous driving behaviors that continue to play a significant role in many motor vehicle accidents. A few common examples of such behaviors could include: 

  • Excessive speeding: The presence of excessive speeding can reduce driver response times, limit maneuverability significantly, and make it far more difficult to maintain focus and awareness. 
  • Inadequate spacing: Tailgating is another type of dangerous behavior that plays a role in many collisions, as this may provide drivers with insufficient space and time to respond to changes in traffic patterns. 
  • Aggressive behaviors: Aggressive driving maneuvers, such as frequent lane shifts and unsafe passing maneuvers, can also lead to a greater risk of collisions. Avoiding such actions could be vital to promoting safety. 
  • Succumbing to anger: Road rage is another prevalent example of dangerous behavior. Those who succumb to anger while driving may take actions that might otherwise seem unthinkable. 
  • Lack of awareness: Succumbing to distraction or failing to maintain awareness of one’s surroundings can also affect one’s ability to identify and respond to situations that arise. 

Failure to use caution when navigating through intersections can also prove dangerous by nature, as issues such as failure to yield and red light running remain leading causes of collisions. 

Motor vehicle accidents 

Unfortunately, there may only be so much you can do to prevent a serious collision from taking place, especially if other drivers nearby do not share your desire to avoid dangerous behaviors. An accident involving a reckless driver could carry devastating ramifications that may take a dire toll on your life, potentially leaving you with severe injuries and facing a host of financial challenges. The incident may also leave you with questions about your available legal avenues and the best course of action to take to protect your future interests.