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Arm Yourself With Knowledge After A Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents are among the most catastrophic types of collisions that drivers can experience on the road. Recovering from a crash with a big rig or another large commercial vehicle can take years and thousands of dollars. The stakes are high for trucking accident victims and their loved ones, which is why it is so important to be informed before they take action.

At Beem & Isley, we have informed countless individuals of their options and have helped them recover damages. We want to do the same for you. We offer educational, no-cost, no-obligation consultations to all potential clients. Do not hesitate to make your appointment after you read our frequently asked trucking questions.

How is a truck accident different from a car accident?

Trucking accidents differ from car accidents in their severity and complexity. Large commercial vehicles exert much more force on a car than a regular passenger vehicle and cause catastrophic damage. It is expensive to cover these claims, which is why most trucking companies and their insurers will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying a fair settlement. Many of these cases end up in court.

Trucking accident claims are usually more complex than a car accident claim because multiple parties may be liable. At-fault parties could include the driver, the trucking company, the trucking company’s insurer and others. If the trucking accident was caused by a defective component, for example, a manufacturer could be held financially responsible.

As you can see, there are so many factors to consider in this matter. Our attorneys can help you get to the heart of your legal problem and hold the negligent parties accountable.

What are the causes of truck crashes?

Like other motor vehicle accidents, truck crashes could be caused by distracted, drowsy or drunk drivers. They could also be caused by improperly trained drivers, equipment that is not properly maintained or poorly secured loads. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to cut corners on truck safety, which is why brakes may malfunction or tires may blow out on the highway.

Establishing negligence after a trucking accident can be difficult, however, because trucking companies and their insurers will arrive at the crash scene as soon as possible to seize accident evidence. Reaching out to our attorneys as soon as you are able can help us secure this valuable information.

Are truck drivers and their companies governed by the same laws as noncommercial drivers?

No. Truck drivers are required to adhere to higher standards.

For example:

  • Truck drivers are limited to the number of hours that they can drive each day.
  • They are required to take breaks as well.
  • They must maintain a record of each day’s time behind the wheel.
  • They must show that they are physically capable of driving for an extended period by passing a doctor’s exam.

The penalties for not complying with laws and regulations can be severe, which is another reason trucking companies vigorously challenge accident claims.

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