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Some common types of distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’re a licensed driver in Colorado, you’re most likely aware that driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most reckless and dangerous things you can do. However, did you know that distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated? Unfortunately, distracted driving has become one of the primary causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents across the United States. These days, potential distractions inundate drivers every time they get behind the wheel.


Some of the technology we are so reliant on today can serve as a distraction when we are driving. Most people think that distracted driving only pertains to using a mobile phone behind the wheel. Yet, anything that takes your attention off the road in front of you can be distracted driving. Here are a few common distractions you may face while driving and how you can avoid them.

Listening to music or podcasts

If you’re like most people, you love listening to music or an entertaining podcast while driving. However, if you get so into a song or a podcast that it inhibits your focus, it could be a distraction and unsafe. Also, if you want to find a different song or change the radio station while you’re driving, always pull over in a safe location.

Talking with passengers

You may not be aware that talking with your passengers is distracted driving. It is very easy to involve yourself in conversations with your friends or family and lose focus on everything else around you. It’s okay to talk to your passengers, but keep your attention and focus on the road in front of you while doing so.


When you’re running behind, it can be tempting to try and save time by combing your hair or putting your makeup on in the car. However, grooming yourself while driving can be a major distraction that could result in an accident. Groom yourself before you head out the door. It’s better to be a little late than to participate in unsafe driving.

Using your phone

Using your phone while driving is the most well-known and notorious form of distracted driving. Yet, people continue to do it. Texting or checking your phone while driving is not only illegal, it is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Glancing down at your phone for just a split second is more than enough time to cause a serious or deadly accident.

Preventing distracted driving

The best way to stop distracted driving is to become aware of what distracted driving is. When you are behind the wheel, commit to driving and do not attempt to do anything that may take your focus off the road. Yet, the actions of other drivers are completely impossible to control or predict. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another party, you have the right to speak with an attorney about your options for recourse.